Wisconsin Dairy Products Association 

Board of Directors

  • Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller

    Sr. Director New Business Development, Foremost Farms USA


  • Jeremy Nickelotti

    Jeremy Nickelotti

    Dairy Director, Kwik Trip, Inc.

    Vice President

  • Kevin Beauchamp

    Kevin Beauchamp

    President, Galloway Company


  • Andy Pfister

    Andy Pfister

    VP Procurement/Industrial Sales, Masters Gallery Foods, Inc.


  • Gary Bachand

    Gary Bachand

    President, Marathon Cheese Corp.

    Board Member

  • Tyler Banks

    Tyler Banks

    Division Manager, AMPI

    Board Member

  • JD Greenwalt

    JD Greenwalt

    General Manager, Westby Cooperative Creamery

    Board Member

  • Paul Hughes

    Paul Hughes

    Sales Manager, Land O' Lakes, Inc.

    Board Member

  • Ken Kohlwey

    Ken Kohlwey

    President, Cedar Crest Specialties, Inc.

    Board Member

  • Shawn Marcom

    Shawn Marcom

    Director of Corp. Accounts -Dairy, Hydrite

    Board Member

  • Jake Riddle

    Jake Riddle

    Executive for Dairy, Bakery & Snack, Kerry Americas

    Board Member

  • Mike Rindy

    Mike Rindy

    President, Nelson-Jameson, Inc.

    Board Member

  • Dave Robbins

    Dave Robbins

    Director of Quality Assurance, Dairy Farmers of America - Dairy Brands

    Board Member

  • Greg Scheer

    Greg Scheer

    Milk Marketing Mgr, T.C. Jacoby & Company, Inc.

    Board Member

  • Daryl Spors

    Daryl Spors

    VP of Product Development, Organic Valley

    Board Member

  • Bill Stewart

    Bill Stewart

    President, Century Foods International

    Board Member

  • Stacy Wand

    Stacy Wand

    General Manager, Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.

    Board Member

  • Trevor Wuethrich

    Trevor Wuethrich

    President, Grassland Dairy Products, Inc.

    Board Member

  • Renee Yahnke

    Renee Yahnke

    Vice President Sourcing - US, Schreiber Foods

    Board Member

  • Keith Zuehlke

    Keith Zuehlke

    Director of Sales, Kemps, LLC

    Board Member

  • Amy Winters,

    Amy Winters,

    Executive Director

    Executive Director